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Worth Data 7103 & 7203 Euro & UK RF Terminals

Starting From-€1469 LT7103 Terminal Only

Worth Data Rugged Long Range Euro RF Terminals with built in
Bar Code Scanners
• 450 meter RF Range
• Choice of Bar Code Scanners: 1D Laser Scanner or 2D Imagers
• 2 Year Warranty

• Made In The USA
• CE Approved for license free use in most of Europe & the UK
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The Worth Data 7103 & 7203 Series RF Terminals, with CE certified radios for the European Market, are the lowest cost, easy-to-use, radio frequency mobile terminals available on the market today. They offer simple programming solutions to make mobile computing fast and powerful. Our system is preferred by developers since it so easy to design around, and allows the developer to focus on the data side of their development, not complicated programming and compiling of software that many other terminals require. Some of the industry leading features on the 7103 & 7203 series terminals include:

RF Terminal

• Long Range Radio - 450 meters!
• Rugged Color TFT LCD Display
• Very Small & Lightweight
• Comfortable Ergonomic Housing
• Shock Mounted LCD
• Splash & Dust Resistant
• 1D and 2D Bar Code Scanning Options
• Rugged Aluminum Die Cast Top Cover
• CE Approved for license free use in most of Europe & the UK

Worth Data has been the leader in small size, long range RF Terminals for over 15 years. Our engineers worked long and hard to create a superior product, and it is truly unmatched by any other mobile device on the market. Our incredible long RF range means less installation cost in wiring, special site preparation, expensive surveys, and the the need for far fewer access points — one single Base Station can easily handle the RF traffic of as many as 64 RF Terminals. Further, with the exceptional RF range, one Base Station can easily cover very large buildings and facilities, eliminating the need for costly additional wiring or multiple access points.

There are several configurations available including our most popular model, the LT7103H with a 1D bar code laser scanner and an ergonomic gun handle designed for comfortable all day scanning.

There are also models with our powerful 2D bar code scan engine built right into the unit.

Special Note: These are approved for license free use in the UK and most of Europe - We will only ship these units to one of those approved countries.

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