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KwikCount/RF Add-in for Excel®

Data Integration Add-in for Excel for Windows® and the Worth Data 7000 Wireless RF Terminals (versions available for both our 7802 Wi-Fi Terminals and 7000 RF Terminals)

You can now have fast, RF wireless data collection with no programming knowledge needed!
It can be even made interactive to do lookups and displays from your Excel worksheet.
Fewer steps, no uploading, instant file updates, saves time!

***KwikCount/RF is included FREE OF CHARGE with every Worth Data RF Terminal***

Excel has always been a powerful tool for tracking and controlling inventory; however, fast data entry of the inventory   transactions has been missing until the advent of KwikCount/EX™, our Excel inventory add-in for our TriCoder portable reader.

KwikCount/EX has proven so popular, that we decided to create a version to take advantage of both our 7000 Series RF Terminals as well as our 7802 Wi-Fi RF Terminals.

KwikCount/RF lets you create user prompts from your spreadsheet and then enter and update the spreadsheet cell's data using the RF Terminal in real-time! So, you can now do your physical inventories by RF, without special programming - no cabling, no separate steps to upload the data, and no possibility of loss of data.

And you can create  simple, interactive, inventory applications, such as shelf price verification, with lookup and display for your RF Terminal with no programming experience required!

For example, you can download your price file to Excel from your database. Then you can go on the floor, scan items, see the prices displayed that is in the file, and change any necessary. Then upload the changed Excel file back to you database. All without needing a programmer.

How to use KwikCount RF

Just like our KwikCount/EX product for the TriCoder, KwikCount/RF is an Excel add-in. Once you have it installed, you can attach it to any worksheet.

KwikCount/RF allows you to create screen prompts that will be displayed on the RF Terminal screen, directing the user to enter whatever data you desire. Once you have determined which columns in your worksheet will be updated, (just like the EX version, KwikCount/RF can add to, subtract from or replace existing quantity worksheet entries), you can start collecting data using your RF Terminal.

If you have specified a "lookup" field, the data is flowed into the corresponding columns for each field in the same row as the “lookup” field. The data is accumulated, subtracted, or overwritten according to the linking instructions you have specified. Receipts can be added, shipments can be subtracted, and new physical counts can be overwritten.

More than 1 RF Terminal can be running at a time - you can have 1-4 separate operators counting inventory in different areas at the same time! No need to go out collect data, come back, upload, update and then go back out!

KwikCount/RF provides the flexibility to control and manage your inventory in whatever way you need. You can set reorder points, safety stock levels, seasonal adjustments, minimum order quantities, etc., according to your requirements- and with NO PROGRAMMING! Use Excel formulas to create your tailored reports.

Since many applications have an Excel format import/export feature, you can use KwikCount/RF to update your application data with NO programming knowledge necessary! Simply export your data to Excel, update it while running KwikCount/RF, then import your data back into your application! Inventory, shipping, receiving and shelf price verification are excellent examples of applications you can update this way!