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LabelRIGHT UltimateNET

LabelRIGHT Ultimate NET Label Printing Software - Multi User Client/Server License - CD-ROM

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LabelRIGHT Ultimate NET™ is a networked multi-user version of our award winning single user LabelRIGHT Ultimate software. The NET version uses a "Client/Server" network model that includes a Server Program and one or more Client Programs running over a Local Area Network (LAN). The Server can run on any Windows compatible network where the computers running both the Server or the Client can share Windows resources (files, printers) across the network.

LabelRIGHT NET features include all of the standard LabelRIGHT features, plus:

  • File Sharing (Templates, Data Files, Master Serial, Images)
  • Multiple Users on a LAN
  • Printer Sharing
  • Printer job Management
  • Automation Support with Powerful Print Client
  • Designer Client - Operates just like LabelRIGHT Ultimate

The Print Client gives the user a preview of the label design and appears similar to the Designer Client, except that no editing is possible. The Print Client becomes the automation controller and even allows LabelRIGHT to be integrated into your own programs. The user doesn't have access to the actual label template so they cannot accidentally change or edit the formatting of the label, they simply enter the data they want to print on the label.

The Designer Client allows you to edit and create label design templates - while a template is loaded in the Designer Client it is locked and access by other Clients is blocked. You can also setup a series of Label Prompts for the template to allow for simplified label printing by a user.

You don't need the NET version of LabelRIGHT Ultimate to print from one computer to a network printer - you can just purchase the Single User license and print to any printer on your network or on your local computer for only $299.00 , however if you want multiple people to print and access the same templates and data, or to manage multiple users and their printing, then the LabelRIGHT NET version is perfect and costs $999.00 .


Download the Free LabelRIGHT Demo

Download the Free Demo of the Single User LabelRIGHT (22.6 MB .exe file)