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Worth Data RF Terminals

Worth Data offers two separate Radio Frequency Wireless Terminal platforms; our powerful 7000 Series long range 900Mhz Spread Spectrum RF Terminals or our Wi-Fi RF Terminals. Both systems are very simple to program and are even easier to setup. Our units offer unique features, lower cost and better range than any competing products on the market today. Most bar code companies only sell you their single RF terminal product solution, so you never know if you are getting the best product for your needs. Worth Data's RF Terminals gives you a choice.

  1. The 7000 RF Terminal is our high powered Spread Spectrum 900 MHz based radio with superior 3.3 mile range outdoors, or 3,000 ft. range in most large buildings which is perfect for any unwired buildings, large warehouses, and even multi-building facilities. With this incredible range additional wiring is rarely required and you can avoid expensive site surveys required with other systems, or the expense of multiple access points to wire up a large Wi-Fi network in a large facility .They are also perfect outdoor coverage for use in agriculture applications and nurseries.
  2. The 7802 Wi-Fi RF Terminal are ideal for smaller pre-wired locations:  convenience stores, small offices & warehouses - any location already pre-wired with a 802.11 Wi-Fi access point(s). Additionally, they are perfect for remote use with a cellular HotSpot or MiFi® type devices. If you aren't setup for 802.11 already we recommend the 7000 Terminals due to the superior range and ease of installation, plus the need for only a single base station access point in most locations.

7000 Range Comparison

Whichever RF Terminal you choose from Worth Data, you get the same superior ruggedness, no application programming on the terminal, ease of host programming, voice messages, superior support, and unparalleled service. We even have similar program compatibility (in Windows® ActiveX) between the two terminals' control programs.

Worth Data Wireless RF Terminal Comparison