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Worth Data Model SLI-USB & SLV-USB Bar Code Slot Badge Scanners


Worth Data Slot Badge Bar Code Scanner
• USB Keyboard Device
• Scan ID Badges, Membership Cards, & Security Badges
• Scans Standard 1D Bar Codes - UPC, Code 39, Code 128
• Compatible with Windows® 11, 10, 8, 7, plus macOS & Linux
• 2 Year Warranty

USB Interface
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SLV-USB Visible Light

SLI-USB Infrared Light

The Worth Data Slot Badge Scanners - Models SLV-USB and SLI-USB - are bar code scanners with USB HID Keyboard output for reading bar coded cards and ID badges! SLx-WDPThis reader connects directly to the USB port of any computer running Windows®, or macOS, and transmits the barcode data as if it had been typed in - no additional software required. This reader is perfect for any applications where a card would be presented, i.e. library, health club, security stations, etc...

The visible light model SLV-USB complete with USB cable is only $149.00.

The infrared light model SLI-USB complete with USB cable is also only $149.00. It is used for higher security situations where the bar code needs to be invisible to a human but still readable using the infrared light scanner.  The bar code can be printed with infrared absorbing ink and then a second ink, or laminate overtop, passes the infrared light through for easy reading and to hide the bar code from human eyes or duplication by cameras or photocopiers.