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Worth Data® Bar Code Software

Worth Data offers a great selection of barcode related software and bar code printing solutions. As the developer of the software, we offer unmatched compatibility with Windows® based PC platforms plus superior, in-depth-support — both pre-sale and post-sale. Click on any of the products below for full details on the features, prices and specifications.


LabelRIGHT Ultimate

LabelRIGHT™ Ultimate Bar Code Labeling Software

LabelRIGHT Ultimate for Windows makes it easy to design and print custom labels of any size and style including bar code labels, shelf labels, packing labels, shipping labels, compliance labels, and product labels. Print simple or advanced labels on any Laser, inkjet, or Thermal Transfer printer in just minutes!

LabelRIGHT Ultimate

LabelRIGHT Ultimate NET Client Server Labeling Management

LabelRIGHT Ultimate NET is a networked multi-user version of our award winning single user LabelRIGHT Ultimate software.  The NET version uses a "Client/Server" network model that includes a Server Program and one or more Client Programs running over a Local Area Network (LAN). The Server can run on any Windows compatible network where the computers running both the Server or the Client can share Windows resources (files, printers) across the network.


KwikInventory™ Basic - FREE VERSION

KwikInventory is our expandable and modular bar code based inventory accounting and inventory management suite. You can start with our free KwikInventory/Basic version that offers very simple inventory features and allows you to do a simple inventory counts with a TriCoder portable bar code reader or our RF Terminals. You can then expand or add on the more advanced KwikInventory Module or the KwikCheck In/Out Module below, in addition you can increase the number of authorized users of the software by purchasing a 5 User Module or a Unlimited User Module..

Free Basic Version KwikInventory Basic Free Dowload

KwikInventory Module

KwikInventory bar code based inventory accounting and inventory management module. This module makes extensive use of the TriCoder portable bar code reader and bar code printing to make inventory management fast and easy. Not only can it help you perform fast, easy physical inventories, it can also help you determine re-order points, inventory valuation and orders received. You can also add on the KwikCheck In/Out Module (below) to check items in and out.


KwikCheck™ In/Out Module

The KwikCheck In/Out Module is our most popular module and is a bar code based Check In and Out management system. It makes extensive use of our bar code readers - fixed readers, portable readers or RF readers - to make tracking and management of where items are, when they are due back, and who has them easy. This program is Perfect for evidence tracking, document tracking, tool tracking and any application where you are checking items out and expect them back.


Portkey™ for Windows

PortKey for Windows allows users to attach serial devices to an RS-232 COM Port and have the data emulate a keyboard.